LED High Bay

High Bay

The most efficient alternative to HID or fluorescent HiBays in warehouses, retail, manufacturing, and large indoor spaces with mounting heights rangingfrom 10’-45′. Custom precise optics enhance performance and efficiency.
Available in a variety of widths, lumen packages, choice of lenses and other options.



Photometery / IES files:  

S HB-2424-24L-4K (pdf)
S HB-2424-24L-4K
S HB-1246-10L-3K (pdf)
S HB-1246-10L-3K Test Report (pdf)
S HB-1246-10L-3K
S HB-1246-20L-5K-120 (pdf)
S HB-1246-20L-5K-120
S HB-1246-30L-3K-120 (pdf)
S HB-1246-30L-3K-120 Test Report (pdf)
S HB-1246-30L-3K-120
S HB-2046-23L-3K (pdf)
S HB-2046-23L-3K
S HB-2446-30L-3K (pdf)
S HB-2446-30L-3K