S TO 1552

LED Tornado Wide Vaportite

Dust and weather resistant corrosion-free enclosed fixture with IP65/67/NSF/NEMA 4X rating. Custom precise optics enhance performance and efficiency. Suitable for mounting heights of 15’-40'.
Ideal for food processing plants, pools, freezers, garages, car washes, and all areas with water vapour or high humidity.
Available in a variety of lumen packages with 0-10v dimming.


S TO-LED-wide

S TO-1550-LED

Photometry / IES files                                                             

S TO-1550-8L-3K-LED (pdf)

S TO-1550-8L-3K-LED

S TO-1550-12L-3K-LED (pdf)

S TO-1550-12L-3K-LED

S TO-1550-20L-5K-LED (pdf)

S TO-1550-20L-5K-LED