Company History

Pioneer Engineering ~

The initial stages of Pioneer Engineering began in 1991 in a modest facility in Mississauga.  At that time, Pioneer’s main focus was exporting a wide variety of lighting and electrical goods to overseas markets.

In an effort to meet market demands and client expectations, the company started to develop innovative designs of lighting fixtures, not yet locally available.  Components were assembled & packed in Pioneer’s facilities and products were distributed throughout Ontario and overseas.

As the demand for products increased and the company grew, Pioneer acquired additional production equipment and personnel to become more self-sufficient and cost effective.

Pioneer Lighting ~

1994 marked a new phase in the development of the company, as more products were developed and manufactured to meet the growing demand of the domestic market. The company expanded once again to larger facilities and Pioneer Lighting was established as a truly all-Canadian manufacturer and supplier of fluorescent lighting fixtures.

Pioneer Lighting Today ~

Pioneer now manufacturers a complete line of linear C.O.B. LED and fluorescent fixtures, as well as a wide variety of custom and proprietary items in our 55,000 square foot facility in Toronto.  Engineering, design, production, product development, and executive offices are all under one roof.  This, combined with a substantial inventory of components and sub-assemblies makes Pioneer extremely efficient and flexible, allowing us to meet the strictest deadlines.  Our size and agility enable us to compete with and outperform larger corporations when service, speed, and reliability are critical.

All of our products are assembled with brand-name components, thus assuring consistent quality, performance, and reliable after sales service.

Pioneer services the commercial, industrial, retail and multi-residential sectors across Canada and the U.S. through a network of wholesalers and agents.  With the ongoing development of new innovative and proprietary products, an updated website with user-friendly specs and photometrics, and increased recognition with specifiers, we offer our clients a comprehensive line of quality products with unrivalled service, at the best value.

Pioneer focuses on building long-term relationships with our customers and suppliers and we value and appreciate the confidence & trust with which they have entrusted us.  We are committed to consistently meeting and exceeding our customers’ expectations and remain dedicated to leading the way in value and good old-fashioned service.

To view a listing of our commercial references, distributors, and agents, as well as our complete product line, we invite you to browse through our website.

~ Quality ~ Service ~ Value ~